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All of the updates to date have now been organised into a very easy to browse through archive. First pick what year you are interested in from below, and from there you will see all art and artist additions broken down into neat tables, with the option to expand each month and view all the updates from that month. Please note the updates from the current month are shown below.

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April/March Updates
April 28th 2007

Another new artist being added to archive today, woo! I have added in Signe with 14 brand new wallpapers to add to the archive, bringing us to over 300 wallpapers here on Superfine! To read more about Signe be sure to check out the About the Artists page. Hope you like the new additions! Sayjay

April 10th 2007

Okay, well sorry for the disappearanc again, circumstances outwith my control as usual. But I am back and doing a ery quick update today, adding in a new artist to the archive, Heidi, bringing 16 new wallpapers for the archive along with her. To read more about Heidi be sure to check out the About the Artists page. Hope you like the new additions! Sayjay

March 6th 2007

And here is the rest of the big update. I am going to run through this very, very quickly though! I have completely updated the About the Artists page so that it is as up to date as I can possibly get it, it now includes links to the artists' member profiles on the Buffy World Forums as well, since many of our artists lurk there too. (Note that Peace's information is now there too.) And I have also updated the links to the artists websites on the links page, as for some reason I was a few buttons shy.

Also there's another new skin. I've replaced the old green Kendall Casablancas skin with a funky new skin by the amazing J.J.. It's colourful, and bold, but delicate on the eyes at the same time, hope you like it. To swap to this skin click here. Also, I've got all of the old skins listed, and available to view, here.

I've condensed the navigation bar some more but putting the site and web sections together, and have taken out a few links and thrown them onto the site stuff page now, which is where you'll find awards, the disclaimer, past skins, etc. I've updated the link here buttons again with the last of the new ones.

And I really think that's my update done now. If there's anything else I've missed, or if there's any broken links, please let me know. Thanks for stopping by!

March 5th 2007

Holy Crap, what an update! Now, as some of you may have noticed Superfine has been a little neglected as of late. But don't think it's because I've forgotten her, I've just been working on doing some serious changes to the site. I know last month I did a couple of updates to improve navigation, but I've really done a lot of work for this update. So here we go, from the beginning.

I have stripped Superfine of two of the previous skins. I will have a previous skins section online soon to keep these in. But for now, the default skin is the Season Three promo image I updated with a while ago. And to replace Bre's older skin, I've added in a new layout from her. You can swap to it, by clicking here. Also you may have noticed I have swapped the skins thumbnails to be 50x50 to give you a better look of what skin you can choose. On top of which, I have now condensed the navigation bar by taking out the big list of credits for each skin, and just doing handy little links for each. So that's all for now on the layout update.

Next order of business I suppose should be the new art. Today I have added in a grand total of Forty-One New Wallpapers. Now that is what I call an update! Superfine is now sitting on 277 wallpapers in the archive. So to kick start this art update, I do have a brand new artist to add to the archive, Peace, who's brought along 3 new pieces with her. (I'll be updating the About the Artist page shortly with her info). But also added tonight are 8 wallpapers by Amber, 4 by Bre, 1 by Dee, 7 by Jenni-Lou, 1 by Jerilee, 14 by J.J., and 3 by Wendy, although one was a replacement of an older piece, so I removed one of hers too technically.

Aside from the huge art update, I have also done a bit of re-organisation of the site, especially in terms of the artists' pages. There will now only be 15 pieces per page when viewing by artist, and I have changed over any artists pages that were affected by this new organisation.

The Random Wallpaper page that was once here, has now been replaced by a new guide for a new random wallpaper program. One that I would highly recommend and use personally. So if you're at all interested then go and check that out. The old version is no longer available at the link I had, so I kind of had to update this for when I did my latest twin site Provenance.

The Links Archive has been updated to include links to: Veronica Mars Fansites, Veronica Mars Galleries & Screencaps, Cast Fansites, Fanart Sites and Icon Sites. I will be making up another archive of various credits and reources shortly to add in as well. On a similar note I have updated the Link to Here page with some new buttons, and each skin now has matching buttons, yay.

I'm fairly certain this is the last of my update, but with all the work I've done I could very well have missed something out. Anyway, in order to properly organise and maintain my updates of this site, I have created an updates archive. Here you navigate through all of the past updates really easily. They are split into year, then month, and you can view just the basic stats for the year, or get month by month full updates. So hopefully it should make finding out how this site has grown a lot easier!

Anyway I am now totally knackered from this update, and hope that the new changes really help your browsing around Superfine, so I am off for now, if you find any broken links please let me know right away!

Respect Our Artists I really hope you like this site and the wallpapers archived here. Please remember these wallpapers belong to their respective artists and are not to be archived on other websites unless the proper permission is given. These artists have allowed their wallpapers to be archived here and I do hope you respect them.

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