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Wanna Affiliate?
Want to Affiliate with Wallflowers? Well, I can be a bit picky with affiliations - I hate getting people emailing to be affiliates for the sake of getting more affiliates, I mean it is a bit pointless when you run - oh say a Green Day fansite and you email me asking to be affiliated? Tell me where the connection is? LOL. Okay, so I've neve had a Green Day fansite apply to be an affiliate, but you'd be surprised what can come up!

So basically, my only concerns are that there should be a link of some kind - whether it's a Buffy and Angel fansite, or an artist's website, I would even accept 'shipper sites if they perhaps have a fanart gallery, or if the webmaster is really nice. But outside of the jossverse and 'art' categories I don't really see a connection, so please if you do email wanting to be affiliated, make sure we have some kind of a link! :D Thanks guys!

Also, I really don't like racism, hate, porn, or narrow minded-ness blatantly advertised through sites - if you have an opinion on these things, you are entitled to it, I just don't appreciate seeing it plastered across the internet, and I don't know many who do. I don't think it's nice, and would deny an affiliation if I saw any 'hate' through your website.

If you want to affiliate either use the form below, or drop me a line at:

Email Address:    
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Any other comments?

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