These are wallpapers centered around the actors/actresses that have appeared in 'Veronica Mars' - not the characters, or character centric wallpapers click here.

Main Cast

Enrico Colantoni ie. Keith Mars
Francis Capra ie. Weevil
Jason Dohring ie. Logan
Kristen Bell ie. Veronica Mars (30)
Kyle Gallner ie. Beaver
Percy Daggs III ie. Wallace
Ryan Hansen ie. Dick
Teddy Dunn ie. Duncan

Recurring Guests

Alona Tal ie. Meg
Alyson Hannigan ie. Trina Echolls
Amanda Seyfried ie. Lilly Kane (1)
Charisma Carpenter ie. Kendall Casablancas (3)
Max Greenfield ie. Deputy Leo
Michael Muhney ie. Sheriff Lamb (1)
Tina Majorino ie. Mac

If there are other actors I find wallpapers of I will add them in later, this list is obviously not a definitive list of the recurring actors.

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