Art by Sayjay @ Radiance
This website is set up to archive wallpapers that are of high quality, I aimed to house all of these great wallpapers for people to be able to find all these amazing walls in one place.

When I first set it up I invited some artists and asked permission to use their wallpapers here, however I am not exclusive to invitation only. If you know of an artist who has beautiful wallpapers, or if you think that you have wallpapers that deserve to be here then read the rules below and then apply.

What Do I Get From Being Archived?
As an archived artist all credit will be give to you for the wallpapers that are stored here. I do not direct link to any wallpapers, the ones chosen to be archived will be on my server - I do not believe in wasting other's bandwidth, it's just not nice.

When it comes to links, I will provide a link back to your main site, and your art web site if you have one. I will also link back to your email adress - however will use 'REMOVE' in the link to try and avoid SPAM, another thing I hate online. I try to please the artists archived here. And a 100x35 button will be used to link to your site from the links page, as well as on the About the Artists page.

As you have probably noticed at the top of every page there is a random banner, as an archived artist you will be invited to submit a 468x60 banner and I will add you to the random link cycle at the top of the page. Whether you choose the link to go to your main site or art site.

I mentioned you get a button on the 'about the artists' page, here you can add in a little bit about yourself so that viewers know who all of the fab artists are, and where to find you on the net. I will include links to your livejournal account, and Buffyworld forum user info page if you them as well.

Lastly I also invite all archived artists to design a layout for this site, if you feel creative then why not give it a shot? Just send the images and .html/.css files over to me and I'll skin your layout and add it to the skins. This is an artist's site and I would love to see what other artists can do with the layout.

I do need to give some ground rules for applying to this website. When you apply I will look at your overall collection of wallpapers, whether they are actor, character or episode centric. I will choose what wallpapers to archive, and may ask the opinion of others to help me. However when I look at the wallpapers I do have the following rules:

1. Wallpapers must be in traditional sizes, 800x600, 1024x768 and so on.
2. Credit must be given where credit is due. If the images, brushes or textures are not your own then please specify.
3. No hate, bashing or discriminative content in your wallpaper, it is just not nice.
4. No adult wallpapers, I do not wish to see faces imposed on pornographic material. Again it isn't nice and I don't judge these as 'high' quality wallpapers. 5. Lastly I just want to ask you to be patient. I will respond when I get the chance, and do not want to be badgered.

If you have read the rules then why not head over and apply?

Respect Our Artists I really hope you like this site and the wallpapers archived here. Please remember these wallpapers belong to their respective artists and are not to be archived on other websites unless the proper permission is given. These artists have allowed their wallpapers to be archived here and I do hope you respect them.