Art by Zugma @ Ugly Business
Groups/Pairings Wallpapers
Here are the selection of Groups/Pairings wallpapers that I have housed here. These wallpapers use promos, shots of the actors, manipulations, or caps that span multiple episodes - if you're looking for a specific scene of a pairing or group from an episode, you're more likely to find it under 'episodic wallpapers'. Use the list below to navigate through them.

Sam & Dean: 1-15 | 16-30 | 31-35

Other Pairings: Dean Winchester & Bela Talbot (2)
Dean & John Winchester (5)
Dean & Mary Winchester (3)
Gordon Walker & Sam Winchester (1)
Jessica Moore & Sam Winchester (3)
John & Sam Winchester (4)
John & Mary Winchester (1)
Meg Masters & Sam Winchester (4)
Ruby & Sam Winchester (8)

The Winchester Family (3)

Cast Pairings:
Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles (2)

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