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BF: Amantine

Names: Amantine, Arista, Ari
Email: arista_eldaire at yahoo dot com

Likes: Supernatural, writing, reading, my dog, sleeping, music(canít live without it)

Dislikes: Latin, school, bugs(of any kind), really hot weather, tutoring, exams.

Info: Iím 18 and a Senior in high school. Iím hoping to graduate with no problems and get into college with Foreign Languages or Psychology as a major, though I am trying to stick to my writing, see where that gets me. I couldnít live without reading, writing, listening to music or playing around with Photoshop and I definitely couldnít live without my dog.

BF: Obsessed

Names: Beth, Buffsteraddict, In-This-Reality, Obsessed,Deaf-Eardrums, formerly known as 'Ann'
Email: Obsessionofthemoment at yahoo dot com

Likes: Supernatural, Lost, Smallville, Desperate Housewives, Ghost Whisperer, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Buffy, Angel, Alias, Charmed (I am addicted to TV). Biographies/memoirs (read 'Love is a Mixed Tape'- it's very good), rock music, coke, Cliff bars, healthy cooking shows, writing, doing anything related to art, my hearing aids, graphic design, my dog Spikey, my VCR (I pray to it every day- that's how sick I am. Can't you hear my cry for help?) and of course the yummy Mr. Jensen Ackles.

Dislikes: Plastic people, rude drivers, canceled TV shows that end in a cliffhanger (*cough* Veronica Mars *cough*), people who pity me cuz of my hearing loss (there is no need for it), exercising (its a pain in the ass but I do it so I can have a nice ass), people who aren't upfront with me (it grates my cheese).

Info: I am 33 years old, graduated from Gallaudet University (college for the deaf), majored in Graphic Design. I want to make my own t-shirts and write children's books but I am thinking of getting my masters in Deaf Education in Texas.

BF: Bre

Names: Just Bre. It's part of my middle name.
Email: dust2dust34 at yahoo dot com

Likes: Buffy, Angel, Veronica Mars, House, Charmed, Nip/Tuck, life, sleeping, my dog, my computer and paint program, life, food (more specifically anything Italian!), all music except country because frankly, it depresses me. :P

DislikesAnime! Horrible stuff. Badly written fics, broccoli, my ex-boyfriend (:P)...

Info: I'm a college girl who loves fanart and fanfiction and pretty much anything on TV that lets me wander pass the boundaries. I live in the US and am a Capricorn and have been making fanart since mid-2005 (not too long, really) and writing for many years longer than that. I'm pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and harboring a desire to write professionally.

BF: Demetreas

Names: Dee, Demetreas
Email: webmaster at immortal dash butterflie dot net

Likes:Btvs Ats, Veroncia Mars, TV in general, Movies, Traveling, Comp Graphics, Music, Reading, etc normal everyday stuff...

DislikesSpiders, Politics, Boredom, having to explain myself more than once.

Info: I am 20, moved around a lot, residing currently in England but hope to change that when I make my millions in web site design (yeah right). Currently studing Interactive Multimedia at Uni. I slightly enjoy coding more than art but only slightly.... umm... Im a virgo and I love horse back riding and moonlite walks on the beach.... ok but seriously, I enjoy making art, I should really spend more time on study but art and coding is more fun.

BF: Ehlwyen

Names: Ehlwyen
Email: ehlwyen at yahoo dot com

Likes: Driving anywhere or nowhere, hard rock, 80s metal, salt. Is it any surprise I'm addicted to Supernatural? Love going to concerts, watching movies (horror, teen, comedy, action), watching tv (supernatural or soapy stuff), my family, and pizza.

Dislikes: The people that canceled Passions, bugs and creepy crawly things, medical dramas, telemarketers.

Info: 29, Kentucky girl, married to my high school sweetheart with 2.5 cats (yes, my youngest cat is that huge). Always have had some type of artistic outlet (drawing, concert photography, scrapbooking) but finally got my opportunity to do digital art in fall of 2004. Could have went to medical school after college, but am a thousand times happier that I didn't and now have time to actually enjoy life and do art. I'm a pretty simple person who finds a lot of meaning in the little things.

BF: Firecracker

Names: Firecracker
Email: puds at dog8 dot fsworld dot co dot uk

Likes: Coming Soon.

Dislikes: ...

Info: ...

BF: Galathea

Names: Galathea
Email: galathea at misplaced dot co dot uk

Likes: Supernatural (obviously, I am obsessed with that show), Life On Mars, Rome, Angel, Gilmore Girls, X-Files, B5 and more, movies - duh, literature and rock music, I used to play a lot of pc games but that went down a bit and well, fanart has become a major 'likes' in my life

Dislikes: Wincest! The one thing I really dislike in the SN fandom, hip hop and techno music, modern slapstick comedies a la 'There's something about Mary' and lots of other stuff *lol*

Info: I'm a german gal, studied nutritional science and later philosophy, but worked most of the time in the IT sector, I started doing fanart with photoshop around september 05 and it's an integral part of my life ever since, I have a major addiction to the internet and I am a cat person, although there is no direct correlation between these two facts ;), I am an insomniac and I can't function properly without my morning coffee *g*

BF: Jenni Lou

Names: Jenni Lou, jennilou
Email: Jennilou at fractured-simplicity dot net

Likes: Reading, writing, loads of TV, music of all kinds, beer, photoshop!, internet, post-it notes, TV series on DVD, concerts, playing with my baby Raina!

Dislikes: Ignorant people, tYPing LIkE thIS, shopping for clothes, and sometimes my email inbox.

Info: I live outside Chicago and have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Ficiton Writing from Columbia College Chicago. I live with a wonderful man and my beautiful baby daughter.

BF: Little_Albatross

Names: J.J.
Email: secretidentitygal at hotmail dot com

Likes: BtVS, Veronica Mars, Firefly, AtS, Psych, House, Arrested Development, Charmed, 24, Alias, Gilmore Girls, Ewan McGregor, Clueless, Moulin Rouge!, Rilo Kiley, Harry Potter, Queen, soy milk, chai tea, Photoshop, fashion, math, shoes, skirts, the color pink, Buffyworld Forums, whittling stakes... Dislikes: Most reality tv, guns (but I LOVE Firefly :s), flip flops, public speaking, coffee, driving because cars and I are like unmixy things, people who tell me I can't actually marry everyone on my list of future husbands ;) people who tell me what to do (except for the people who can)

Info: I'm a 17-year-old from northern California, and I'm just out of high school. I graduated the same year as Veronica Mars, and I was named Biggest Klutz :P I have no idea what I'm going to do, but it'll probably have something to do with fashion. Until then, I'm exploring higher education and I don't have a job. It takes some strange sort of motivation to get me to work hard. If I'm not at school, you can find me in front of the TV or computer, unless somebody actually convinces me to go out.

BF: ~*Marilyne*~

Names: Just Marilyne :)
Email: Maricatlou at hotmail dot com

Likes: All the good TV shows like BTVS, Supernatural, OTH, Gilmore Girls, Dark Angel, House M.D. etc. I adore Photoshop (a bit too much lol). I love theater, writing, singing, music (mostly all kinds), shoping with my friends, talking with'em instead of studying :P. And I absolutely love to read : I'm addicted to everything called "book".

Dislikes: Everything that's superficial. Mushrooms. Being ill.

Info: I'm 18 years old. I'm from Montreal. I'm currently studying Drama. I couldn't live without theater, and I also teach it to little kids ^_^ I want to become a director or a writer...anyway, it'll be in the field of cinema ! I'm not a shy person, I talk a lot...ok too much ! But I believe I'm open minded and I also love to hear what other people think.

BF: Nikki

Names: Nikki
Email: Nikki at misplaced dot co dot uk

Likes: Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, Pirates of the Caribbean, Spiderman, Pride and Prejudice, Muse, Dido, Avril Lavigne, Angel, Buffy, Friends, Tru Calling.


Info: From London, England, 24, Capricorn.

BF: Peace

Names: Peace, Mystery of Obscurity
Email: BlindFolded underscore Hunter at yahoo dot com

Likes: Umm... shortly: BTVS, sleeping, good food, sunshine, late spring, early autumn, watching sunset, long walks on the seashores, Formula-1 races, pitted cats, loneliness, fast internet, food, glitter, smell of vanilla, traveling, dancing, acting, poems, red vine, lyrics of Sarah McLachlan and VAST, re-watching Buffy for numerous times, looking through my photos, web-design, torturing Photoshop, drawing, being lazy. BTVS soundtracks - this music changed my life. Buffy/Angel fanvideos - I like watching and both making 'em. I'm evil, partly *giggle*. Angel aka David Boreanaz (he's such a sweetie!). My computer. Chocolate and pea punts in yogurt. Music of VAST, Sarah McLachlan, Black Lab, K's Choice. Book: Bulhakov "Master & Margaret". Horses. Glitter. Philosophy of Nietzsche. History of second World War. Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy. Buffy/Angelus fanfiction (yummy leather pants). Talk too much... Is that a plus?

Dislikes: I hate spiders, greedy people, my mirror (in the morning and practically all the time), untruthful friends, studying, being judged, the fact that there's no truth in this world except the fact that we all will die sooner or later. Pumpkin porridge and water-plants (raise a hand in eww). Mad old people (they irritate me). Being ashamed and teased. People, who think they're smarter than the other ones & that means they're allowed to do everything. Spuffy... God help me, this relationship irritates me. ANIME!

Info: 1988, student of psycho-pedagogic faculty (in future - teacher of English and everything in primary school), 9 March. Started school in 1994, finished in 2004. Web-addict since 2000, web-designer since 2002. I'm from Ukraine. I write books, poems, fanfiction... Belletrist, by all means. Actually I wanted to be an actress or play in some band, but the damned financial troubles turned the tables... But who know what future holds? Buffy addict since 1999. :)

BF: Slaycandy

Names: Sarah-Jane, Sayjay, Sage, SlayCandy
Email: Bubblybwitched at hotmail dot com

Likes: Doing Wallpapers! LOL! Dark Angel, Supernatural, Buffy, Angel, Veronica Mars! MOVIES! Uh - that's it. That's my life. I also like heading to conventions (UK based, so you may see me bobbing around at one, *grins*)

Dislikes: Spiders. Does that count as a dislike? More of a fear, really.

Info: Little Scottish lass, lol, Edinburgh chick born and raised. Left high school, stayed working to make some cash before uni, now in my second year studying 'Mathematics and Economics'. I am cursed, bad things happen to me and around me, I'm accident prone and disease prone, so really, it's probably best you just know me via the net.

BF: Signe

Names: Signe, Call Her Green
Email: Signe at callhergreen dot com

Likes: Music! All kinds of music... TV-shows, movies (I always go to the cinema). What more? Well, I always enjoy a good book (or a good book series, I don't know what it is about me and series). Oh, and I'm addicted to Diet Coke (and Pesi Max).

Dislikes: People who can't understand sarcasm.

Info: I live in Stockholm (born and raised), if you don't know where that is, google. I'm a total nerd (grades to prove it too...), and if I'm with the right people I can do very weird random things when I'm "out'n'about" (sudden outbursts of wierd walks etc.). Don't know what I'm gonna do with my life, but I wouln't mind becoming an historican (or a film reviwer...). More info... hmm... I have "phases", I get addictions that lasts about as long as it takes me to find something new to get addicted by.

Names: Stephanie
Email: dreams-in-the-dark at hotmail dot com

Likes: TBA.

Dislikes: TBA.

Info: TBA.

BF: Smth_Blue

Names: Tam, Smth_Blue, Spuffy
Email: FallenSky at ukr dot net

Likes: BtVS, AtS, Serenity, Veronica Mars, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Bones, Photoshop, poetry, classic rock, ice-skating, summer, absurd, symbolism, hundreds of other things %)

Dislikes: arrogance, blind self-assurance, rudeness, narrow-mindness, Warner Brothers, baiting.

Info: I am 25, married, have a six-year old daughter and a fluffy rabbit named Buffy. Live in Kiev, Ukraine, working as a technical writer. Stubborn, not very social Virgo :P

BF: Wenj

Names: Wenj, Wendy
Email: blacklagoon dot blown dash back at hotmail dot com

Likes: All things movie and television (if I actually wrote out all the fandoms we could reasonably be here all day! ;) ) I love to read and write, though I don't find the time to do the latter much. And when I am not doing those things I am either doing my passion (photoshop-ing), working, or doing something school related. I think that covers all the major bases!

Dislikes: Arrogance, stupidity, ignorance, childishness and animal abusers! Also as of recently thieves (both cyber and real life!!)

Info: Little Texas girl, born and raised. I'm 22 and attending college to major in Biology (haven't decided yet if it should be Marine bio or some doctoral program....I'm pretty sure I should know this by now, but just don't). I work for my mom as a screen printer (I make t-shirts, signs, and banners for a living) on the side and in my spare time I am either in front of the television or the computer screen or let's be honest, sleeping. My life in a nut shell! :)

BF: Zugma

Names: Olga, Zugma
Email: UglyBusiness at yandex dot ru

Likes: The usual - BtVS, AtS and my Photoshop... that and being with the ones I love.

Dislikes: Work ;)

Info: Hmm. Leo, lazy bone, live in Ukraine, trying to be a designer, spend too much time thinking of the things that not exist... Also, really suck at describing myself, obviously :) Well, if you *really* want to know something specific about me, why don't you just email and ask?

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